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The baby room is a large self-contained unit. It is has been purposefully designed to incorporate a kitchen, changing facilities, two separate designated sleeping areas and two very large rooms which allows the children to have the freedom to be able to climb, crawl and take those first steps. Each room has a wide range of resources to stimulate and encourage your child's development. The equipment within the room is carefully chosen to ensure that all children are stimulated and that activities encourage all areas of development.

We have a large messy play area where the children enjoy playing with a range of materials such as water, jelly and paint- the messier the better! The room leads out through patio doors to their own free-flow outside play area.

We will endeavour to follow the same routine that you as a parent have established in the home environment and will actively look to work in partnership with parents to achieve this.

We have our own sleep area within the nursery with cots for the children to sleep in, the children have their own individual bedding. The children are checked on a regular basis and a baby monitor is in operation in the room all times.

There is a specific baby changing section which is used for changing and we do ask that all nappies and wipes are provided by parents. A sofa provides a quiet feeding space and the opportunity for group interaction.

The main play areas are light and spacious with one room that has windows which are set at a low level, so that children can pull themselves up, enabling them to watch the world go by. Individual daily diaries for babies under one are used to provide parents with information on how their child has progressed throughout the day. This will include meals, nappies, sleeps, milestones and specialist information. When children reach their first birthday diaries can continue upon parents request, otherwise daily sheets are given along with verbal feedback from the child's key worker or a member of staff from the child's room.